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These two locals had been enjoying the sport on Atlantis Beach for years, loved the island and lived kitesurfing to not be just a sport but a lifestyle. Rommel and Ossie run KBB with a mission: to share this life changing experience of kitesurfing and love for the island Bonaire with the world.


They gratefully and passionately continue the journey Roan started. Find them anytime on the beach and they will happily sit you down with a cool drink and tell you all about how kitesurfing changed their lives and how you can experience the same! 

Kiteboarding Bonaire was founded in 2001 by an adventurer and one of the first kiters, Roan Jaspers. He started pioneering this new sport on Bonaire and made sure kiteboarding found a home on Bonaire. The school quickly developed into to an experienced and professional IKO certified kite school with a passionate crew guiding thousands of students through their first kiteboarding experiences.

At the end of 2016 it was time to pass the bar. Freek (co-owner who joined KBB in 2011) and Roan stepped out and gave the keys of the big bus to Rommel Rivas and Ossie Garcia.

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