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Country: Venezuela
Sponsor: Kiteboarding Bonaire
Languages: Spanish, hawaireano
Home Spot: Atlantis kite beach
Hobbies: Kitesurf, soccer, BBQ’s and parties
Life quote:”If you want to try it take the risk because tomorrow it could be too late”
Favorite trick: Big air


Carlos Lilue

In 2012 was my first time in Bonaire and I never thought that I was going to call this island my home 8 years after. Bonaire is an amazing island that makes me feel like I am back in my home country: VENEZUELA.


In Bonaire I found a place where I can feel passionate about my job, I really like being surrounded by nice vibes and cool people all year round. I love the culture here, the ocean and of course the wind.

Thanks to Kiteboarding Bonaire I discovered that I have a new passion. If you need assistance at the beach do not hesitate in calling me, I am here to help you.

“If you want to offer me a beer, I will never say no…..”

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