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Arrival 24th of October

Start Kite Safari 25th of October until the 6th of November

12 days, 13 nights

6 locations

Package - $3400

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"Quote from Nativa about this or that sport"- John doe.

This coming October Nativa Kite Brazil & Kiteboarding Bonaire organize a kite safari starting in Cumbuco and passing 6 amazing kite destinations ending up in Prea-Jericoacoara national park.

The ultimate windy experience in kite paradise Brazil. A trip filled with fun activities, amazing downwinders, palm tree beaches, dinners, bonfires, bbq’s and a passionate team hosting 12 days of a ones in a lifetime experience. 

The consistent wind and kilometers of beaches will be the perfect destination for our kitesafari. All Pousada’s (hotels) will be located at the beach and will have all the tropical vibes. Chill area’s, hammocks, coconut palm trees and more, to make this the magical kite trip complete.

Arrival - arrival at Fortaleza airport, pick up and transfer to Cumbuco. Day 1 - (Cumbuco): Chill/kite/fun day. First-night stay at Pousada in Cumbuco. Welcome drinks! Day 2 (Cumbuco-Cauipe) 8km - briefing of the day. Activity day chill/kite/fun day second-night stay at Pousada. Day 3 (Pecem/Flecheiras) 62km - briefing of the day. Downwinder for all levels to Flecheiras, stay at Pousada in Flecheiras. Day 4 (Flecheiras) - briefing of the day. Fun activities, second stay at Pousada in Flechairas. Day 5 (Flecheiras/Baleia) 20km - briefing of the day. Downwinder for all levels to Baleia. One night stay at Pousada in Baleia. Day 6 (Baleia/Icarai) 26km - briefing of the day. Downwinder for all levels to Icarai. First-night stay at Pousada in Icarai. Day 7 (Icarai) - briefing of the day. Chill/kite/fun day in Icarai. Second-night stay at Pousda in Icarai. Day 8 (Icarai/Ilha do Guajiru) 32km - briefing of the day. Downwinder for all levels to Ilha do Guajiru. First night stay at Pousada. Day 9 (Ilha do Guajiru) - briefing of the day. Chill/kite/fun day in Ilha do Guajiru. Second night stay at Pousada. Day 10 (Ilha do Guajiru/Prea-Jeri) 54km - briefing of the day. Downwinder for all levels to Prea-Jeri. First-night stay at Pousada. Day 11 (Prea-Jeri) - briefing of the day. Chill/kite/fun day in Prea-Jeri. Second night stay at Pousada. Day 12 (Prea-Jeri) - final day. Kite/fun/party day. Day 13 - Departure day - we will all drive back to Cumbuco in the morning. - a more specific itinerary will be sent to your email as the travel date approaches

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Accommodation / Private Rooms
Airport pick-up - Fortaleza
Transport all 12 days / 4x4
Fun activities
Buggy tour
City tour
Kite family dinner
Hydration & snacks
BBQ & bonfires
Photography + video
Pro rider for all downwinders
Travel staff 24/7

Does not include:
Flights and kite equipment

Destination Information

- North Coast of Brazil

- Currency Real R$

- Airport name: Pinto Martins International Airport


What kitesurf equipment should I bring?


Brazil is one of the few sports where we do not check the wind forecast, it always offers optimal conditions for any kitesurfer, waves, freestyle, big air and down winds. for this specific season the wind is usually the best, it tangs between 20 and 35 knots depending on the spot.


Remember: all spots on the route usually have consistent winds, as we sail towards the north, the wind increases. Brazil has optimal wind conditions and according to our experience traveling to these areas, we recommend the download based on approximate weight.


45 - 55 kg / 5-7 M

55 - 65 kg / 6-8 M

65 - 75 kg / 8-9 M

75 - 85 kg / 9-9 M

85 - 95 kg / 9-10 M

NOTE: All accommodations are included until day 12. When you arrive in Jeri it will be your responsibility to book your next accommodation and transfer back to Cumbuco. For all directional riders please bring extra fins

Image by Seiji Seiji

Cumbuco | Flecheiras | BaleiaIcarai | Ilha do Guajiru | Prea-Jeri

Kite Locations

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Explore Brazil with Kiteboarding Bonaire & Nativa Kite Brazil

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