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Tessa Lof
Country: Netherlands
Sponsor: non
Languages: English, Dutch
Home spot: Atlantis beach Bonaire
Hobbies: Kite surfing

IKO level: Level 2


Tessa Lof

Aloha, I’m Tessa Lof (32) most people call me Tess, or Tessie. I’ve been handling kites and boats for KBB for a couple of years now.  I’m from The Netherlands but not really a fan of Dutch winters so I usually spend them on one of the best kiteboarding locations worldwide ...Bonaire 😎.

I got really passionate about kiteboarding about 10 years ago and a kite-instructor for over 6 years now.


Bonaire is my second home and holds all good things in life including steady winds, crystal clear and butterflat waters. The ideal conditions for your first attempt in kiteboarding or landing new tricks. Hopefully I will see you soon on the beach or on the water! Ayo 🤙

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