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Country: Bonaire 
Sponsors: MOM & DAD 
Languages: Dutch Spanish English and Papiamentu 
Home spot: Atlantis Beach-Bonaire 
Hobbies: Kiteboarding, gym kickboxing, karate, flying airplanes and riding bikes 
Live quote: In the end , we only regret the chances we didn’t take !
Favorite Trick: BJ.             
“Blind Judge”😂

IKO level: Level 3


Ryan Augusta

Hi there, I'm 23 Year’s old. I’ve been kiting roughly 6 years and teaching around 5 years.

What i love about the sport is the freedom, unlike other sports we have the entire ocean as our playground. We dance with the elements: wind, water, gravity and a little bit of sun for the Caribbean vibes. 

I’m working on some tricks at the moment: Blind Judge 3 and sometimes, I try the KGB but for most part I try to enjoy the sport with friends and friends that become Family. This is kiteboarding, which for me is all about becoming 1 with mother nature and enjoy every single moment you spend on the water.

I started kite boarding with a group created to teach young local kids how to kite through the organizations: KiteRide and JongBonaire. Up until now, i’m grateful for the opportunity that the amazing team gave me. So here i am 6 year later still hooked to the sport!

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