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Country: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English
Home spot: Atlantis Kitebeach Bonaire.
Hobbies: sailing, kiting, surfing
Life quote: Just go with the flow
Favorite trick: S-Bend

IKO Level: Level 1


Floor Timmermans

I am Floor and coming to Bonaire since 2011 to kitesurf. Since the island life and surfing are so good, I decided to settle here.

I work as a teacher at an elementary school and since 2018 I have made my hobby my work by getting my IKO and becoming an instructor.

I can often be found on the water, whether it's with a twintip, foil, surfboard or sailboat.

My homespot is Atlantis because i rarely kite in Holland. My favorite trick is the s-bend, and i’m currently stoked to learn different unhooked tricks. 

I love to share my passion with others and i’m stoked to motivate students to learn this fantastic sport. 

‘Just go with the flow!’

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