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Franklin Veeris (Aka Paco)
Country: Curaçao
Sponsor: non
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish & Papiamento
Home spot: Atlantis beach Bonaire
Hobbies: Kite surfing, beach tennis, dancing (Bachata).
Life quote: "Tranquillo, enjoy doing what you like and share it with the rest"
Favorite trick: Not die-ing on the landings😜

IKO Level: Level 1


Paco  Veeris

I started visiting Bonaire regularly from about 1996. But moved here in the year 2001. I fell in love with the island and just stayed.

I’m a physical education teacher by trade but took the time off to enjoy teaching what I like most (Kite surfing) at the#1 kite school in the Caribbean, same place where i learned to kite. Well that is during the day....after work, Bachata and beach tennis take over.

I would love to welcome you to Bonaire and share this beautiful but addictive sport on the best spot, Atlantis beach. Where the beer is cold, the water is blue, the wind is constant and the people are friendly.

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