Kiteboarding Bonaire is Bonaire’s first and best kite school and has 14 years of experience teaching in this area. Kiteboarding Bonaire is an IKO kite school, this means that the school and all our instructors have been certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). IKO standards are recognized around the world.
At Kiteboarding Bonaire, it’s all about you. We want to teach you how to kiteboard in a pleasant, safe, and fun way.
  • Intro basic

  • $150
  •  1,5 hours

    – Trainer kite

    – On the beach

  • Intro plus

  • $225
  •  3 hours

    – Kite control
    – Body dragging

  • Independent riding

  • $610
  •  3×3 hours

    – Kite control & body dragging
    – Water start & riding

  • Indep riding plus

  • $999
  •  5×3 hours

    – Kite control & body dragging
    – Ride upwind & turning

Windhoek Resort Bonaire

Do you want to spend the night near the best kiteboarding spot on Bonaire? Our own ‘Windhoek Resort’ is at the south of Bonaire, close to kite spot Atlantis and windsurfing paradise Sorobon and has splendid diving spots. Windhoek has one and two-bedroom apartments in a tropical garden with a swimming pool and a relaxing lounge and BBQ area. The perfect operating base for your kitesurfing, surfing, or diving vacation on Bonaire!

Check out windhoekbonaire.com or email us for more information.


Our home base Atlantis (Kite Beach Bonaire) on the breathtaking island of Bonaire is one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. With an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, a sea temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius, and a good (offshore) wind (with an average speed of about 17 to 22 knots) throughout almost all of the whole year: these are the kite conditions on Bonaire!
While kiteboarding on the blue-green water of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll regularly come across turtles and, if you’re lucky, dolphins. The water is reasonably calm with small waves.


We teach with up-to-date, high quality equipment, which is appropriate for starting kiters. See below for more information about the equipment with which we work.
North Kites


Crazyfly boards


Safety at Kiteboarding Bonaire





The team of Kiteboarding Bonaire

We are proud of our experienced, friendly team, who always put the experiences of our guests front and center!


14 years of Kiteboarding Bonaire in numbers.

Kiteboarding Bonaire was founded in 2002 by an adventurer and one of the first kiter, Roan Jaspers. He started pioneering this new sport on Bonaire. Nowadays, kiteboarding has found a home on Bonaire, the school has developed to a very experienced and professional IKO certified kite school. Freek Hoving has been co-owner for a few years now. They run Kiteboarding Bonaire together with a young, enthusiastic team and have already guided thousands of students through their first kiteboarding experiences.


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