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Why you should take a kitesurfing lesson with a certified instructor/school?

In general terms. This shouldn't be a question. Kitesurfing is a remarkable sport, and should only be practiced together with people or institutions entitled to do so. In this post, we'll be exploring what is a kiteboarding certification, and why is so important when choosing a school.

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  • What is a kitesurfing certification?

Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is a young extreme sport. Meaning the sport itself is not as old as other water sports. However, being an "extreme" sport, it means that when being introduced to it, safety becomes the first and foremost important element. A kitesurfing certification ensures you not just safety, but also quality in the learning process. An officially certified school/instructor will, at every given time, make sure you learn in a progressive environment that fits your learning style.

  • Beware of false advertisers

There are many people out there that sell you courses, without the proper certification to do so. Many would even mention that they follow certified standards to sell your lessons. Ignoring the importance of obtaining the necessary requirements to ensure quality and safety. If you are unsure on the qualifications of the instructor/school that's selling you kitesurfing possibilities. Check for signals. For example, Kiteboarding Bonaire is the one and only certified IKO center in Bonaire. You can verify the legitimacy of a school or instructor by looking into kiteboarding certificate organizations such as IKO. If the school/instructor is not listed. We strongly recommend you do not proceed with your lessons.

Have you discovered a school that false advertises themselves as certified schools? IKO has a program called Quality Check. Which was created to ensure that school around the world meet professional standards, and ensure safety and learning quality. You can anonymously tip IKO, and help improve the quality of overall kite centers.

If you wish to learn more about kitesurfing, book a lesson with us here.

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