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Updated: Feb 4


Pros and cons of kitesurfing at Atlantis Beach
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How to get to Bonaire. Dutch Caribbean
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Pros and cons of kitesurfing at Atlantis Beach

Kitesurfing Bonaire - Kiteboarding Bonaire - Ossie Garcia


- Get Social:

If you are new to the sport. Atlantis Beach is a hub for both advanced and beginners. Therefore, do not hesitate and join the fun. Atlantis Beach has a superb atmospheric vibe for all type of wonderful people.

- You can kite openly

Atlantis Beach is a side-offshore wind kitesurf spot. That being said, so long you know how to get back to the beach. The ocean is your playground!

- Cool kite parking space

There's a sandy spot to park your kite fully protected by wind gusts.

- Flat Water

No better feeling than kitesurfing a sport with flat water. Over 90% of the year, the water at Atlantis Beach remains completely flat.

Flat Water - Kiteboarding Bonaire

- The View

Bonaire's incredible landscape gives you a soothing feeling. Crystal Clear waters, white sand and bright blue sky is the norm at Atlantis Beach.

- Available Rescue Boats Rest assure, if you decide to Kite during working schedules, there are usually a handful of rescue boats in the water. Ready to help you if necessary. If you want, you can request a personal rescue boat service for your next kite session here.

Kiteboarding Bonaire - Kitesurfing Bonaire - Boats

- Free WIFI

Enjoy fast enough internet. We encourage everyone to take the time to post something on their social media and simply tag us #kiteboardingbonaire

- Air Compressor Service

Our Air Compressor Service is free. We welcome donations to keep it up and running. Simply ask for the Air Compressor at the Blue Bus - Kiteboarding Bonaire.


- Offshore Wind

Although, we consider offshore wind to be positive. It can be negative for very beginners as you are forced to take a lesson. We do believe that although offshore wind spots are generally avoided by some kiters. Offshore wind kitesurfing locations are a fantastic way to truly learn upwind riding.

Take a lesson at Kiteboarding Bonaire. Focus on upwind riding techniques and you'll be ready to literally any other spot in the world.

- Shallow Coral (Beware of wrong entries or exits)

Bonaire is known for it's incredible reef. Atlantis Beach has a tremendous amount of beautiful reef. Incredible to watch above and under water. Pay attention to signs for where to enter and exit the beach when kitesurfing. On the contrary you might minor injuries on your feet or hands.