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What to do in Bonaire, when the wind is low!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Update: September 2021. Bonaire is a Caribbean island with endless activities. We believe it is to be relevant to know what would be considered low wind on the island.

Kiteboarding Bonaire advices for independent kiters to go out for a session when the wind speed is at a minimum of 13 knots. We have a section on our website that tells the forecast on real time here. Please check it regularly. This advice is to ensure you'll return to the beach safely.

So, if the windspeed falls under our advice. What can you do? We've compiled our favorite to-do list when the wind is low:

1. SUP Paddle Board

Via our Surf-Shop Moana Bonaire. Located in the heart of Kralendijk, we are offering chance to rent SUP Paddle boards. This is a great to explore the island with little to no wind. When the water becomes flat, then Paddle boarding becomes an epic way of getting that cardio on and at the same time enjoy the view.

2. Hydro-Foil

Hydro-foil is only recommended to experienced kiters. The reason behind it is because you must have absolute control over the kite. Your focus then should be on the board. Hydro-foil is an excellent way to use little wind and explore long distances on the water. Most of Foilers in the island take a few tours all around Bonaire. We are currently offering 2x1 three hour Hydro-Foil Lesson for just $200. (Valid until 10th of December, 2020).

For more information regarding Hydro-foil please contact us here.

3. Freediving at Deepsea Freediving School

From a geographical point of view. Bonaire is surrounded by an extremely deep ocean. And more than that, this depth is super accessible. We strongly recommend taking a freediving course with Deepsea Freediving School. Learn incredible techniques that will help you enjoy the reef on a completely new level.

4. Crossfit Session with Crossfit Palms

For every extreme sport, it's important to keep a healthy and well-trained body. Our partners at Crossfit Palms offer unique fitness lessons dedicated to maximizing your current self. You can book a try-out lesson here or apply for their exclusive deals here.


6. Underwater Photoshoot

While on windy days, we offer photo and video shoots by Israel Gil with all of our lessons.

On low wind days, we encourage you to make your Bonaire experience memorable by taking an underwater photoshoot with Israel. His unique eye will give your underwater photos a sense of peacefulness. Here are some of our favorite picks:

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We are accepting bookings for our next high season (from December). If you wish to learn more about kitesurfing, book a lesson with us here.

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