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Kitesurf Lessons with Offshore Wind. Is it safe?

Often when you are beginner. You tend to believe that offshore wind is something you want to avoid. This is partially true because you must be certain that you can get back to shore safely. While if you are uncertain, there are big chances you will be thrown out into the deep blue. The following Kitesurfing Blog post will focus on teaching you what offshore Wind is, and how you can use it to your advantage.

1. What is offshore wind?

In kitesurfing, Offshore means that the wind is blowing from the land towards the water. Depending on the location, especially on extremely gusty areas, it is advisable not to perform any kitesurfing activity. This is because if there no local school present with rescue boats. And by any reason you have an accident, you could have high probability of getting lost at sea.

2. What type of offshore wind conditions are safe for Kitesurfing?

When looking for a safe offshore wind kite spot. It is important make sure that the wind conditions are steady. Steady wind refers to a constant blow of wind that maintains it's speed over a long period of time. This means that the variation of the wind-force during your session will not change dramatically. Steady Wind will help you have the confidence to ride comfortably.

Our Homespot: Atlantis Beach. Is a side-offshore wind spot with an average steady wind of 15-21 knots. If you wish to learn more about Why you should kite surf at Kiteboarding Bonaire (aka Atlantis Beach) you can have a look here.

3. Signs that the offshore wind spot is safe to ride

- Make sure that the local kiteschool has fully functional rescue boats

- There are more than 5 kiters on the water riding comfortably

- Look for IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) flags. Kiteschools with IKO standards will ensure that anyone on the water will get back to shore. If you need to be rescued, IKO centers must offer this service.

- Flat Water

4. Kiteboarding Bonaire at your advantage

One of the main characteristics of learning at Kiteboarding Bonaire. Is that from the very start of your lessons, you are introduced with the concept of upwind riding. Which means that even if offshore wind is pulling you away from shore. You can position your body in such way that you ride towards land.

If you wish to learn more about kitesurfing, book a lesson with us here.

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