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5 Reasons why your should take Kitesurfing lessons on Bonaire!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

1. Flat Water

An experienced kiteboarder is determined by its ability to ride regardless of the water conditions. This is why it's important that when you take kitesurfing lessons that you learn how to get back to shore. Bonaire is particularly known for its incredibly pristine conditions and flat water riding. On most days you will experience an incredible Offshore Wind Kiteboarding Spot.

2. Offshore Wind

As previously mentioned, one of the fundamental characteristics of a kitesurfing independent rider, it's the ability to get back to shore safely. Our home spot: Atlantis Beach. It's an Offshore Wind Spot. Which means the wind is constantly pushing you away from shore. Learning Kitesurfing at a location such as Bonaire will give you the foundation to

kite anywhere in the world safely.

3. Steady Wind

During most of the year, Bonaire has an average of 15-21 knots throughout the whole year. Steady Wind is essential when learning kitesurfing because they will help you stay on the board and progress your technique.

A lot of kiteboarding locations across the world advertise you with crazy wind speed. But do not inform you of inconsistent steady wind. Forcing you to spend hours in learning kitesurfing basics. At Kiteboarding Bonaire we ensure you will have a pleasant stay. Learn Kiteboarding with our world-class steady wind.

4. Pristine - Crystal Water

Whether you are an experienced kiter or not. There is nothing more soothing than riding in turquoise waters. They make you feel like you are in paradise. Bonaire is worldwide known for having pristine crystal waters. The underwater visibility goes on an average of 30-40m (100-130ft). Rest assure, kitesurfing on Bonaire will not only bring you a remarkable feeling above the water. It will also give you quite the view.

5. Animals

While you might always wonder what lies underneath you while kiting in murky waters. Bonaire is filled with a large amount of underwater fauna. Particularly our home spot, Atlantis Beach, is a mecca for sea turtles and dolphins. Take a kiteboarding lesson and enjoy the ride among beautiful underwater animals.

For kite lessons, rentals & info: 📞+599 7015483 ✉️

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