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Why you should take a kitesurf lesson at Kiteboarding Bonaire.

If you are planning to come to Bonaire. It's essential you understand why we consider Kiteboarding Bonaire to be your best option. Here's a list of pros as to why you should take a kitesurf lesson with KB, as oppose to the competition.

1. Official IKO Center

In the kite industry, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) is the epicenter of kiteboarding standards. Providing tools and resources to start and progress safely in kite surfing. Kiteboarding Bonaire is the only IKO Center on Bonaire meeting all their quality checks. An IKO Center guarantees the safety and sustainable growth of Kiteboarding by empowering people to experience the sport with confidence.

2. Safety Record: 100%

Kiteboarding Bonaire was established in 2001. For almost 20 years, the focus has been to ensure that every kiter experiences Bonaire in the utmost safe environment. KB main investment is safety, ensuring that the location, gear, and instructors are prepared to help you have a positive and memorable experience.

3. International Certified Instructors

There are plenty of people out there, trying to sell you cheaper lessons without the proper certification. KB strives to offer you the best possible experience ensuring safety. Each of our instructors is ready to teach you the best techniques in kiteboarding with IKO standards. Whether your main language is English, Dutch, Spanish, or Papiamentu. We have a team of experienced instructors ready to help you reach your goal in no time.

4. Facilities

Kiteboarding Bonaire is one of the best kite schools in the Caribbean for their vast amount of resources. Each of our facilities has been carefully selected to provide a one-of-a-kind personalized experience.

Kiteboarding Bonaire counts with: - 10 Fully operational safety boats

- Air compressor for Kites

- Fully furnished common areas (tables, beach chairs, and couches)

- Free and Fast Wifi Connection

- Board Rack

- Lockers

- Music Speakers

- & Much More.

5. Largest Variety of Kite Surf Brands for Rental or Buy

Throughout the years, Kiteboarding Bonaire has partnered with internationally known brands to offer the utmost selection of gear. Pay a visit to the Blue Bus and request anything for the following brands:

- Slingshot

- Naish Kiteboarding

- Axis Kiteboards

- Ride Engine

- Harlem Kitesurfing

- Brunotti

- Pro-tec

- Vissla

- Crazyfly

- Lieuwe

- Rip Curl

- Mystic

- BB Talkin

6. Communications System: Bb Talkin

Communication is the most fundamental element in teaching kiteboarding efficiently. Kiteboarding Bonaire offers you the option to choose to work with BBTalkin. Get real-time feedback from your instructor while you teach. This will help you maximize your skills and get the performance that you need to reach your goals.

For kite lessons, rentals & info: 📞+599 7015483 ✉️

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