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Country: Venezuela

Sponsor: On my way!

Languages: Spanish, English

Home spot: Bonaire

Hobbies: Kitesurfing , Scuba dive, Mountain bike , Hiking and everything that adds adrenaline in my system 

Life quote: "When you feel like stopping, think about why you started"

Favorite trick: Kite loops, board off, big air 

IKO Level: level 2


Rommel Rivas

My name is Rommel Rivas, born and raised in beautiful Venezuela. I feel blessed to say I am one of the owners of Kiteboarding Bonaire, a creation out of great passion for the sport. Since a little kid I love the ocean and sports. My father would bring the family to the beach every weekend, and we had the best times. 


I worked 13 years as a dive-instructor on the amazing islands of Los Roques and of course on this beautiful island Bonaire. I fell in love with kite surfing 10 years ago, the passion grew, and still grows every day by getting others inspired and hooked. Now lucky me, I can share my passion for foiling and kitesurfing on a daily basis, teaching this amazing sport. 


People from everywhere around the world visit our school. Families, professionals, kids from 10 years to no limits in age. We have all world languages at the school and always the right one for you to feel comfortable. Myself I speak Spanish and English.


One last thing… I need to warn you, Caribbean kitesurfing is addictive and there is no return;) 

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