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3x3 hrs

1 student


3x3 hrs

2 students


* This price is only valid after fully completing 3 lessons of 3 hours.

Extra charges may apply if any of your lessons stop before their scheduled time.

Let’s get you riding!

Do you want to know how it feels to get your first independent ride on the water? If you choose this package, you will lay the perfect foundation for your kiteboarding skills.


We’ll begin with a trainer kite on the beach, but quickly move to the water for the real work.

After you have gained good control of the kite and you can do body dragging on both sides, we can grab the board and you can try to ride. 





  • What the safe conditions for kiteboarding are.

  •  What the 'wind window' is: there's a zone where your kite is pulled hard (power zone) and a neutral zone, where your kite isn't pulled so hard.

  • Safely launching and landing the trainer kite.

  • Controlling the trainer kite in the air.

  • What to do if you lose control of the kite.

  • Safety procedures for a real kite.

  • Setup of the kite.

  • Controlling the kite in the water.

  • Body dragging to the left and to the right.

  • Mounting the board while you control the kite.

  • Bringing the board into the starting position.

  • How to do a water start: climb onto the board by steering the kite well (power stroke).

  • Sail short distances, where you control your speed, and practice staying upwind (into the wind).

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