• What the safe conditions for kiteboarding are.

  •  What the 'wind window' is: there's a zone where your kite is pulled hard (power zone) and a neutral zone, where your kite isn't pulled so hard.

  • Safely launching and landing the trainer kite.

  • Controlling the trainer kite in the air.

  • What to do if you lose control of the kite.

  • Safety procedures for a real kite.

  • Setup of the kite.

  • Controlling the kite in the water.

  • Body dragging to the left and to the right.

  • Mounting the board while you control the kite.

  • Bringing the board into the starting position.

  • How to do a water start: climb onto the board by steering the kite well (power stroke).

  • Sail short distances, where you control your speed, and practice staying upwind (into the wind).