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- Beginners/Discovery

Curious if this is the sport for you?


Discover the basics of kitesurfing in this introduction lesson: safety, wind direction, confidence and kite control.


After a short introduction at our bus you’ll start off on the beach together with your instructor where you’ll learn how to launch, control and land with a trainer (smaller) kite.


Once you've get the hang of it we set up a real kite and hit the water where you'll learn body dragging (the power generated by the kite which moves you forward on the water.)


We adjust the beginner lesson to your personal needs and learning curve and use the lesson time as efficient as possible.

3 hrs
1 student

3 hrs
2 students

- Independent rider

Let’s get you riding!


Do you want to know how it feels to take have your first independent rides on the water? If you choose this package, you will lay the perfect foundation for your kiteboarding skills.


We’ll begin with a trainer kite on the beach, but quickly move to the water for the real work.

After you have gained good control of the kite and you can do body dragging on both sides, we can grab the board and you can try to ride. Below you can read more about this package on Bonaire.

3x3 hrs
1 student

3x3 hrs
2 students

- Independent Rider PLUS

Do you want to learn how to kiteboard by yourself?


Besides good kite control, the safety procedures, and riding on the board, we focus on independent riding in the independent riding plus class.


This means that you will be able to ride longer distances by yourself, and that you will be able to stay upwind (into the wind). 

The right body and board position are important skills you’ll learn to master.

If you’ve developed this technique and a feel for this, then you can ride by yourself! Below you can read more about this package on Bonaire.

5x3 hrs
1 student

5x3 hrs
2 students

Other available courses

- Hydrofoil Lesson

- Advanced Clinics

- IKO Instructor Course

- IKO Assistant Instructor Course

& much more. 


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