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Pieter Masurel

Country: Netherlands

Sponsor: Me

Languages: Dutch, English 

Home spot: Atlantis Beach-Bonaire

Hobbies: Kitesurfing & gym

Favorite trick: F-16 & Boogie Loop

IKO Level: Level 2


Pieter Masurel

Kiteboarding changed my life for the better. Our sport is so amazing because you can always make progression at your own pace, learn new trics, ride a different style and sharing the passion with like-minded people. Kiteboarding is the pinnacle of freedom! 

My favorite trics are the F-16 and Boogie-Loop. 

I really enjoy to work at because there's a good Dutch-Latin vibe, it is a beautiful spot, there's a lot of trust and freedom to conduct the lessons the way you want and the equipment is of a high standard. Moreover the team feels like family.


Alles flex!!!

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