Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to go kiteboarding on Bonaire?

You can learn kiteboarding throughout the year on Bonaire. Thanks to the steady wind (average 17 up to 22 knots) we can we can practically teach all year round. December through July is the nicest time on the island. The temperature is a little lower and the wind is almost constantly blowing. It rains the most on average in the months November, December, and January. Just imagine a shower now and then, nothing to be worried about ;-).


Is it safe to kiteboard on Bonaire?

Our kiteboarding spot on Bonaire is very safe thanks to the offshore wind. In the event that something happens, you will never be blown onto or in the direction of the mainland, but out to sea. One of our rescue boats will reach you quickly, bring in your kite, and bring you safely to the beach. Kiteboarding Bonaire also makes sure that during lessons safety is a key issue. We explain safety procedures at various times during the lessons. We make sure the surroundings are safe, and that the learning process fits your progress. During the lessons, students wear a helmet and a life preserver. We only use modern kites with well-functioning safety systems. Your instructor will accompany you on a small boat and is always close by to give instructions and to provide assistance. This provides a safe feeling.


What are kiteboarding conditions on Bonaire?

Our home base Atlantis (Kite Beach Bonaire) is one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. With an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, a sea temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius, and a good (offshore) wind (with an average speed of about 17 to 22 knots) throughout almost the entire year: these are the kite conditions on Bonaire! While kiteboarding on the blue-green water of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll regularly come across turtles and, if you’re lucky, dolphins. The water is reasonably calm with small waves.


What kites and boards does KBB use for lessons?

We sail with the North EVO, the ultimate all-round kite made by North. It sails smoothly, stable, and predictably. Perfect for starters and all-round kiters. Of course, the kite is available in a variety of sizes, so that you can always kiteboard with the right size. We’ve also chosen to use the CRAZYFLY all-round boards from, which are perfect for both beginners and experienced all-round kiters.


Should I take a wetsuit to Bonaire?

You don’t need to wear a wetsuit on Bonaire. You can kitesurf in your board shorts or bikini and a lycra swim shirt.


What should I bring to a kiteboarding lesson on Bonaire?
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • swim shirt and board shorts
  • sandals/shoes (for the exercises on the beach)


Is there a minimum age to learn kiteboarding?

Everyone can learn how to kiteboard. Kiteboarding Bonaire teaches all kinds of levels to people over the age of 10 years. We make sure that there is plenty of personal attention and assistance, so that you feel comfortable on the water and can go at your own pace. The strength of the kite, being active on the water, and experiencing your own progress is the real kick. Come to us for an introductory lesson or class and experience it for yourself!


Can I also get lessons as an experienced kiter?

Yes, absolutely! Our instructors would love to teach you new tricks. Because we use radio helmets, your instructor can give you feedback on one of your moves directly and also give you tips before or during a trick. Ask about the possibilities for advanced lessons or a freestyle clinic!


Are there more kiteboarding spots on Bonaire?

For experienced kiters, who want to try out a spot with different conditions, Bonaire offers a number of options. For example, you can kiteboard on the beautiful, uninhabited island Klein Bonaire (make sure that, you have a boat with you for safety reasons). Enjoy a beach BBQ after kiteboarding and you will never want to leave! Sailing and kiteboarding trips to Klein Bonaire are also organized, ask about the possibilities for a relaxed day on an uninhabited island! There are also a few places on Bonaire where you can kiteboard in the waves, such as Lac Cai, Baby Beach and Playa Grandi. We only suggest you do this if you are very experienced. Please ask us for information and advice about kiteboarding in these locations first.


Do you have any tips about accommodations?

Our own ‘Windhoek Resort’ is at the south of Bonaire, close to kite spot Atlantis, at wind surfing paradise Sorobon, and splendid diving spots. Windhoek has one and two bedroom apartments in a tropical garden with a swimming pool, and a relaxing lounge and BBQ area. The perfect operating base for your kiteboarding, surfing, or diving vacation on Bonaire! The doors of our resort will open in the summer of 2016. Check out or email us for more information about the Windhoek Resort.


Can I also rent kite equipment at Kiteboarding Bonaire?

Yes, of course! You can rent high quality kites (North) and boards (Crazyfly) from us.

  • Kites: NORTH EVO 2014 in 8m,10m,12m
  • Boards (CRAZYFLY):
  • Cruiser Pro 145×44
  • Allround 138×41
  • Allround 138×43
  • Raptor Pro 137×41
  • Raptor Pro 132×41
  • Raptor Pro 132×39
  • Raptor Pro 127×38


Rental fees

half day $50
whole day $70
week $350
2 weeks $600

half day $20
whole day $25
week $100
2 weeks $150

Kite-set (kite+bar+board)
half day $60
whole day $80
week $400
2 weeks $700

Do you want to buy a kite and a kite board on Bonaire? That’s also an option at Kiteboarding Bonaire. Feel free to ask about the prices!