We are passing the bar!

transfer Kiteboarding Bonaire

We are passing the bar!

Hi guys,

Through this message we would like to inform you that we, Roan and Freek, will hand over our duties as owners of Kiteboarding Bonaire as of January 1st.

We have dedicated our time and energy in Kiteboarding Bonaire over the last 14 years. Together with over one hundred instructors we have taught this amazing sport to thousands of people. We have seen the sport grow day by day and we are extremely proud of this legacy.

But don’t you worry – we are passing the bar!

We have found 3 amazing guys to take over and we have done everything to prepare them for a smooth transition. Ossie (Oswaldo), Loco (Rommel) and Cori (José) all learned to kite at Kiteboarding Bonaire. And as their skills grew, their enthusiasm for the sport grew along. They are now great kiters and true ambassadors for the sport. Their international kite-event Kitemanera (which will be organized for the 4th time next year) is the living proof!

We are convinced that this take-over will bring new and positive energy in Kiteboarding Bonaire. The lessons will still be given at the same high level you are used to from us and safety will remain their number one priority.

And we won’t sit still either. We are excited to fully focus on our new adventure: Windhoek Resort Bonaire. This change will allow us to give all the attention the resort deserves to ultimately make it just as successful as Kiteboarding Bonaire. Luckily, we will stay closely connected to KB as we will accommodate many of its students.
Windhoek Resort BonaireThis leaves us with saying a big ‘thank you‘ for all the awesome years together. Thanks to your loyalty and enthusiasm Kiteboarding Bonaire has become what it is today. And we are extremely grateful for that.

Thanks again and we hope to see you (behind another bar) at Windhoek Resort Bonaire. Pay us a visit when your on the island, we’ll have a drink together and bring up some good old memories.

Masha danki, Gracias, Thank you, Bedankt,

Roan & Freek

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