Is Kiteboarding dangerous?

Kiteboarding is veilig

Is Kiteboarding dangerous?

Kiteboarding is seen by many as an ‘extreme sport’. Of course there are a number of kiters who push the limits trying out crazy tricks and who practice the sport in an ‘extreme’ way. But there are plenty of people who enjoy ‘just’ sailing back and forth. You can build up kiteboarding step by step, and this way you have the largest part of your safety in hand. Here is some advice from us with regards to safely kiteboarding:

1 Take lessons at an IKO certified school

At an IKO Kite school, like Kiteboarding Bonaire, you learn how to kiteboard step by step, and under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Safety is key to this!

2 Know the rules on the water

Kiteboarding has rules on the water and on the beach. See the image below for the most important ones.

Kiteboarding rules

Furthermore, there are two more important rules concerning protecting nature/the underwater world of Bonaire:

  1. Don’t ride in the light blue water (except when entering and leaving the water, then you have to ;-)).
  2. Buy the ‘Stinapa Nature Tag’ from us in the kite bus (Stinapa is the organization that, among other things, is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park).


3 Make sure that you are well-informed about the conditions of the spot

Before you go into the water, assess the conditions of the spot. How hard is the wind blowing, from which direction (to offshore or side shore?), how busy is it, where can you best launch and land your kite, etc.

4 Kiteboard with good equipment

Kiteboard preferably with up-to-date equipment. You have to be sure that your safety system works well, that your lines aren’t worn out, etc. Be advised!

5 Kiteboard with a buddy or with rescue near at hand

Every kiter has gotten to the point where he or she cannot kiteboard any further. The wind suddenly dies down, a line breaks, a small hole in the kite makes it slowly deflate, etc. Make sure you know what you have to do and, depending on the spot, can do in such a situation (bring the kite in, carry out a self-rescue, swim back, what are your options?). We always have rescue boats available on Bonaire, which gives a comfortable and safe feeling. Also on Bonaire, other kiters will keep an eye out for you, and help if necessary. It’s also recommended at other spots to have, for example, a buddy (on the water or on the side) with you, who can help if necessary.

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